KIVA documentaire

KIVA documentaire

Zaterdag 17 december had ik de eer om bij de première van de documentaire over de KIVA ceremonie het verhaal te vertellen over hoe de KIVA ceremonie in Nederland kwam. De KIVA ceremonie is een oude herontdekte ceremonie die wijzen uit alle windstreken van de aarde samenbrengt, om samen rondom één vuur = één spirit samen te laten bidden voor Moeder Aarde. In 2016 kwam de ceremonie naar Nederland en werd 4 opeenvolgende jaren gehouden; eerst 3 jaar in Borculo, daarna in Drenthe in Papenvoort. De trailer en meer informatie over de film vind je hier:
In 2020 en 2021 mocht ik zelf als Nederlandse inheemse elder de KULE ceremonie in. Dat was heel bijzonder.

Hier is mijn verhaal over hoe het allemaal begon…

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The story of how the Kiva ceremony was brought to the Netherlands.

Some 19 years ago a Dutch woman, Betten Rouppe van der Voort, had a vision. She was suffering from cancer and had visions of a herself in another life. She was a native American who was captured and exhibited in a cage as an exotic artefact in London some centuries ago. Human zoos, also known as ethnological expositions, were public displays of people, usually in a so-called “natural” or “primitive” state. Betten felt this pain was in her bones and blood.
She wanted to heal and felt she needed to go to the roots of this vision. She took a map and with the eyes closed she asked this other-life self to pinpoint the place where she had to go.
She dropped the pencil and it landed in Mexico – around Puerto Vallarta. She went there and as the was walking on the beach she had a sudden excited feeling. She asked a person where she could find a medicine man… and believe it or not, this person pointed to a man with long grey hair a little further away on the beach. This was Sergio. She told him her story. And Sergio said that every she needed to heal was available right there under her feet, and pointed downwards to the ground. To the great mother. Betten travelled with Sergio for a month and met the Raices the la Tierra family – roots of the earth. Sergio and Heriberto worked together to organise ceremonies everywhere; sweat lodges, kiva ceremony, sacred place ceremonies.

Betten with her root. She said: coming from my special place with a special memory….Tequepexpan, near Ixtlan del Rio, near Tepic…..I was looking for my roots there in 2003 and 2004….and found them there, my personel roots and my symbol forever…., reason why I love Huichol people.

When Betten came back to Europe she contacted me because Sergio said that anyone needed healing was welcome to join, so she wanted to organise travels. I was working with the Maya calendar, so she asked me to go there to kind of test one of ‘these travels’.

And this is how I met Heriberto Villaseñor and Sergio Torres Lopez. We were performing ceremonies and sweat logdes on the strangest places under strangest circumstances. Sergio followed his intuition and listened to spirit where to go. This is how he discovered an old Aztec temple on a junk yard.
As a European I felt some shame to be there and join the ceremonies: in Europe we do not grow up, touching the Earth in her honor. And another thing: I felt ashamed of our colonial past. And it felt like I was not entitled to be engaged in ceremony.
Heriberto came to us, Dutch ladies and made very clear to us, that we are all, without any exclusion, are native to Mother Earth! We have to reconnect to our roots to heal our hearts and to heal our past. Everyone!

I remember one evening in the selva after a temazcal, a mexiacn sweat lodge, we were standing at the fire listening to all those beautiful songs they have to honour Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the Trees…. Then Heriberto turned to us and asked us to sing a Dutch song in our mothers tongue…. We kind of panicked. There are no songs we know to honour earth, or water… or… And then I looked at the full moon shining through the trees and I had an hunch. Okee, ladies, I said… just sing this song with me. It is a song for the Moon…. And we sang; zie de maan schijnt door de bomen…  a Dutch song we sing for the  Sinterklaas festivities.

It sounded good, said Heriberto, I felt the energy of the moon.
It bothered me a lot that we had no Dutch song , so since that time, I am open to receive and write dutch songs, I translate songs and I search the old books for songs.
I wrote “Nederland  land van Wind”, which is sung now by a lot of people and school children.  Especially children love to sing about the elements and their roots.

It was my dream to invite them to Holland and share their ceremonies. I think it was 2007 when they came to our country. I had a little baby then so we did some ceremony in Utrecht and I arranged for them to do sweatlodges in Groningen and Schiermonnikoog.  This is how they met Martijn. They had ceremonies for some years and Martijn travelled to Mexico
And this is how the KIVA finally came to Martijns place in 2016.

I loved this first KIVA in the Netherlands. Heriberto told the story of the KIVA ceremony and the vision of Tigre Perez. And then I understood that it is also our fairy tale; that of Vrouw Holle – Mother Hulda.  Think about the story when you see this documentary…the old lady living deep inside the earth, and when people come to her, go into the earth or fall into a well, she will change from a scary old woman into a beautiful being bringing fertility: rain, and snow on earth.

 I am convinced that every country or culture will have such a story.
Wherever a KIVA ceremony is performed,  these stories come alive, the old ancestors resurrect and whisper to us.

Enjoy now this beautiful documentary.
Open your hearts to receive the energy and prayers of all the ancestors.         
Thank you.

In onderstaande trailer hoor je ook dat Heriberto aanmoedigt om je eigen taal te spreken, omdat de oude taal een eigen frequentie heeft die direct verbonden is met Moeder Aarde.

foto Marijke Kodden

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  1. Vrouw Holle, Hulda is also refering to Hel, Lokis daughter, guarding the underworld, embracing all the ones who go into her realm. Half of her is vital and vibrant. The other half is decaing, rotten.

    About songs
    Many songs of my ancestors flow through me
    Many of the are Kulning songs, they open vibrafoon with allo Beings, animals and plants respond to those songs
    Maybe you remember me singing for the great tree that bended to the earth..
    AWEN is the song my grandfather gave me, A song to bring yourself and all beings into the center of peace
    In that song you feel the Awe for mother Earth
    The newborns, the seeds opening, the light of the dat rising.. of connects to the Above, the Divinr
    The Wen, brings all the divine energy
    Through the physical body
    Into the roots of the earth
    Our ancestor roots
    The ancient Ones
    All is interconnected
    All is Ons


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